An interesting tree

Another interesting tree in the forest…..

This tree is completely hollow, but the inside of the trunk space is full of leaves to about a metre high. The low trunk has quite a stocky appearance, but then has some tall branches with a good canopy of leaves. What used to be the main trunk is now dead, and the living part of the tree is the layer of bark wrapped around this. This bark layer is almost in two parts, and with a definite section missing. The two living parts are actually joined at the base on one side, and have a gap on the other side.

The smaller of the two parts has a distinctive little burr on the side, and leans out a bit. Care has been taken so that the tree is not at risk from falling branches from trees nearby, but at some point this leaning branch may fall. But for the moment, it’s there, and the bed of leaves is sitting nicely within the trunk. I often wonder if a fox or a mouse might hop up there and have a little snooze.