Self-coppicing and a fallen tree

Self coppicing? What’s that then? I’m not sure if it’s an official term, but it’s the best way I can describe a few trees that I’ve come across in the forest. Sometimes when the trunk dies, a thin strip of bark carries on living on the side of the dead trunk, and eventually with the […]

Two fallen trees

After weeks of storms and wild weather, I finally got out to the forest this week to carry on with my recording. As far as I can find out, all the living veterans and ancients are fine, and just a few birches have fallen. That’s good then. But… a couple of the standing dead trees […]

What happens when trees fall?

Well, what does happen when trees fall? With today’s gales it’s something I wouldn’t want to see, but it might happen. I’ve noticed quite a few fallen trees in the forest – some dead, some alive, and actually not all the same in how they’ve fallen. I saw one recently that got me thinking about […]

Ancients with halos, and clearings in the forest.

I’ve been spending time in the Forestry England part of the forest recently, and have been visiting and recording some amazing trees there. Here’s one which is ancient and special…. It’s a hollow, fragmented and dead trunk, with a strip of bark on one side which is very much alive! Actually the living strip of […]

Burrs on trees, and a mystery.

Sometimes I notice something interesting which starts me mulling things over, and this happened recently with burrs. I saw two young trees growing with their bases together – one with a smooth trunk and one very burry. The burry one was burry all the way up the trunk, and was even more burry at the […]

Autumn is here, and a tree called Stumpy

Autumn is definitely here in the forest….. The leaves are turning and falling, and the colours on the forest floor are definitely changing.   Some of the trees in the forest have names. Well, I’m sure they all do, in their own language, but some have been given names by the people who work there. […]

Beefsteak fungus

I’ve been noticing a lot of beefsteak fungus in the forest recently, and thought it would be interesting to show some photos. Normally in books there’s one photo of a typical beefsteak fungus, but they do vary, and they change over time as well. They’re typically associated with heat rot in ancient trees, so Sherwood […]

Fungi, and hornets

This week in the forest I’ve been seeing more fungi – mainly on the forest floor, and mainly on fallen branches. It’s just that time of year really… I’ve also been watching a hornet’s nest, which is really interesting. It’s in a tree that’s right beside a footpath, and I think that most people walk […]

An interesting tree

… Thought I’d write about an interesting tree. There’ll be many posts with this title! This ancient tree is in the middle of a fairly clear area, so it has lots of space and light to grow as it wishes, without any competition from surrounding trees. When you walk towards it from this first side, […]

Trees in summer, trees in winter

I often walk past the same trees at different times of the year, and when I get home and sort out my photos, I see just how different they are throughout the year. Here’s a great example: So they’re both the same tree, but you can learn different things from them at different times. In […]

Oak apples

Often I see old oak apples, round and brown, and fairly camouflaged with the oak twigs. But when oak galls are new, you can see why they’re called oak apples….. This is one that I saw very early on last year. You can see from the oak leaves that they hadn’t started to open yet.

Autumn and fungus

Autumn is starting to show in the forest, with some leaves just turning. I’m seeing so many fungi, of all shapes and colours, and on the forest floor, on tree trunks, stumps and fallen wood… here are just a few of them: I’ve also been noticing lots of beefsteak fungi, a bracket fungus that’s associated […]

First blog and welcome

Welcome, this will be the first of many posts on the updated website….. I’ll write about the trees I see, the changes in the forest through the year, and the many interesting things that I always see when out and about there. I’ll write a few posts to start off with, and then will probably […]