Autumn and fungus

Autumn is starting to show in the forest, with some leaves just turning. I’m seeing so many fungi, of all shapes and colours, and on the forest floor, on tree trunks, stumps and fallen wood… here are just a few of them:

I’ve also been noticing lots of beefsteak fungi, a bracket fungus that’s associated with heart rot in veteran and ancient trees. I’ve been watching some as they grow each week, and write a post about them. Meanwhile, here’s a beautiful beefsteak fungus, quite fluted rather than smooth edged, on a tree that’s already very hollow. It’s growing on an old branch stump, on the side of the trunk.

First blog and welcome

Welcome, this will be the first of many posts on the updated website….. I’ll write about the trees I see, the changes in the forest through the year, and the many interesting things that I always see when out and about there. I’ll write a few posts to start off with, and then will probably settle to writing once a week. Thanks for reading!