Autumn is here, and a tree called Stumpy

Autumn is definitely here in the forest…..

The leaves are turning and falling, and the colours on the forest floor are definitely changing.


Some of the trees in the forest have names. Well, I’m sure they all do, in their own language, but some have been given names by the people who work there. This tree is called Stumpy and is next to a crossroads of footpaths. It’s a magnificent, squat-shaped, ancient tree, and is quite distinctive. In the spring there are usually always nuthatches there.

This large straight side branch is dead, and will fall at some point in the medium-term future. It has a young birch air tree growing in it!

In the winter when the bracken is gone, it’s possible to get up to the tree and have a good look at the trunk. There’s moss at the base, lichen, and assorted burrs and convoluted areas all over the trunk. Some of the branches are alive, and others are dead. Some of the smaller living branches go on quite a few twists and turns – it’s interesting just to stand and look at them.

The trunk is low and squat, and is hollowing – very hollow at the top, at least. There are no big holes in the side of the trunk, but at the top, where the trunk broke off long ago, the living bark is healed over and some of the dead part of the trunk is still there. It’s got so much going on.

Some of the trees around it have been cleared, so it has access to light. It has some epicormic growth on its trunk and branches, so will go on for a good while yet. Definitely worth a visit!